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The Last Driver

In a world ravaged by Nuclear Annihilation, Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion there’s only one way to drive: fast and dangerously! As The Last Driver you must career through a ravaged cityscape blasting zombies out of the way with an arsenal of car mounted cannons. This is not ‘Drivers Ed’ this is Survival!

Release Date: 30/08/2012

Available on: iOS

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Drive To Survive - Shoot and dodge zombies as they climb onto your car, throw rocks, barrels and charge at you with unknown strength and speed.

What To Do? - Complete objectives to earn coins and customize your car. You’ll need it to survive longer in this apocalyptic world.

Power-Ups And Customization - Use your collected coins to make your car into an unstoppable zombie crusher by adding bigger guns, more ammo and extra armor.

Control Your Survival - In this endless driving experience timing is crucial. Choose from three different control setups and navigate your way through the dying city by jumping, shooting and dodging obstacles in your way.


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The Last Driver is developed by Chillingo.

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